Augmented Reality for Events

Maximizing Impact with Immersive Experiences
AR – Augmented Reality, Interactive Installations

In the competitive landscape of trade shows, conferences, and events, companies are seeking innovative ways to stand out, connect with attendees, and leave a lasting impression. Augmented reality experiences are a powerful tool for achieving this successfully. Attendees don’t merely observe, they actively participate


Three people holding up their mobile devices towards the sky, outdoors at night in Portland, Oregon.

Location-based experiences (LBEs) are a powerful way to extend the storytelling of any marketing message. These events differentiate themselves and create an impact. From increasing foot traffic, to fostering meaningful interactions with customers, these experiences generate buzz and bring joy to audiences.  


Unexpected elements are woven into the storytelling experience, drawing surprise reactions among the participants and sparking conversations with sales representatives and other staff. These experiences provide powerful icebreakers for potential customers. In addition to attracting a steady stream of visitors, attendees spend more time engaging with the experience and expert staff.

“Research finds that attendees spend up to 52% more time at booths that offer interactive experiences compared to those that don’t.” 

– Freeman Trends Report


Furthermore. a report by Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience found that immersive experiences create stronger memories and are remembered up to four times longer than traditional video content. AND social media shares and mentions increase substantially when attendees encounter immersive experiences.  

The Results:

Increased Traffic: Augmented Reality for events attracts a steady stream of visitors throughout an event, surpassing attendance goals and generating significant foot traffic beyond traditional installations.

Enhanced Engagement: Attendees spend more time at the installation, engaging with the content and having meaningful conversations with staff. These experiences will immerse thousands of visitors in your story.

Positive Brand Perception: The interactive augmented reality elements leave a lasting impression on attendees that resonates with attendees long after the event concludes.

Deeper Analytics and Calls to Action: Each of our experiences lead users through multiple ways to engage with your content. These interactions can be tracked to identify what content users find interesting and what actions they are to engaging in. These experiences provide a depth of analytics that can guide your marketing teams in designing future messaging.

Immersive experiences elevate brands, attract engaged participants, and create shareable, memorable moments. Contact us to explore what’s possible for your next event! 

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