Intel - Fab Explorer

Demystifying the complex process of chip fabrication.
Augmented Reality, Interactive Installations

An Inside Look

Intel, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, recognized the need to educate the public about the complex operations of semiconductor fabrication plants, also known as Fabs. These facilities are the heart of chip manufacturing and are increasingly being constructed across the United States. Intel saw an opportunity to demystify the workings of Fabs and create an engaging, informative learning experience for the general public.

interactive discovery

The primary goal of the project was to simplify the complex chip fabrication process, and augmented reality was our chosen method to achieve this, as it allows users to explore and understand the operations of Fabs interactively and spatially.

Mixed Reality Fabrication Explorer Exhibit

The result is the Mixed Reality Fabrication Explorer Exhibit, a blend of a physical scale model and interactive augmented reality. Built in partnership with our long-time fabrication partners, Stimulant, the exhibit enables users to uncover the secrets of a Fab through movable touchscreen displays or as a fully-immersive mixed reality experience with the Microsoft HoloLens.

Man wearing Hololens headset and pointing.
Man wearing Hololens headset.

remote exploration

To ensure wider accessibility, Invisible Thread developed a responsive web application to complement the exhibit. This application allows users to explore the exhibit remotely, offering interactive 3D animated panoramic views, informative text, and audio tracks. Users can zoom in on points of interest for a more detailed examination.

Public Connection

The Mixed Reality Fabrication Explorer Exhibit successfully simplified the complex operations of Fabs into an engaging and educational experience. By utilizing augmented and mixed reality, the Invisible Thread team, in partnership with Stimulant, provided a unique opportunity for the public to gain a deeper understanding of this complex industry.

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