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Ending youth incarceration with the power of AR, VR, and Interactive Experiences.
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Invisible Thread is a key contributing creative partner to No Kids In Prison, a national movement aiming to end youth incarceration in the U.S. and empower young leaders to envision a world where every kid has what they need to thrive, feel safe, and be free. In partnership with RISE for Youth and Performing Statistics, Invisible Thread continues to actively develop new immersive content in cities across America.

The No Kids In Prison Immersive Website is an AnthemShorty Impact, and Evident Change award winner.

officer in vr headset
spatial prison cell experience with physical and virtual content
man experiencing virtual prison cell in detained vr

detained vr experience

Detained is a virtual reality installation that transports the viewer into a prison cell at a juvenile correctional facility to provide an integrated perspective of what it’s like to be an incarcerated teen.

virtual prison cell with bed
virtual prison cell with toilet

#NoKidsinprison interactive web experience

The interactive multimedia #NoKidsInPrison Website Experience was created in collaboration with youth impacted by the justice system to understand why and how we must create a world where all youth are free.

intro to #nokidsinprison interactive website

#nkip web experience storyboards

#nokidsinprison ar banner

The 160 foot tall #NoKidsInPrison AR Banner, located on the City Hall building in Richmond, Virginia, is viewable for miles. The installation features powerful portraits of two local youth justice activists and an interactive AR experience that illustrates the hopes and dreams of these changemakers through collective poetry, animation, and artwork that comes to life right off the building. Their message is literally written in the sky above and imagines a world where all youth are free.

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