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Crafting Simple, Engaging Experiences with Apple Vision Pro
Augmented Reality
A person wearing an Apple Vision Pro. They are smiling and gesturing as if playing with bubbles.

Why Immersive Experiences Matter

Immersive experiences offer brands a unique opportunity to connect with their audience on a deeper level. By leveraging technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, companies can create memorable interactions that transcend traditional advertising methods. These immersive applications provide users with a sense of presence and agency, allowing them to interact with brands in ways that feel personal, memorable, and engaging.

At Invisible Thread, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of immersive technology to create engaging experiences for brands and consumers alike. In our latest exploration, we delved into the capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro (AVP), crafting a series of playful applications that showcase the potential of spatial computing.

A person wearing an Apple Vision Pro. Their hands are up as if holding a virtual basketball, ready to shoot a basket.

The Journey with Apple Vision Pro

To begin, we prioritized the development of simple, playful experiences with AVP because we believe that leveraging immersive technology to inspire fun and delight provides an accessible entry point for users to experience the transformative capabilities of spatial computing while demonstrating the potential for innovative brand engagement.

Domino Pro

Our first application, Domino Pro, allows users to easily create, edit, topple, and reset virtual domino displays in their own environment using spatial lock and immersive passthrough. Domino Pro enabled users to experiment and design chain reactions without the constraints and efforts required in the physical world, unlocking creative possibilities and rethinking how we interact with digital content within our real world spaces.


Options for Domino Pro (classic, rainbow, colored dots, wood)
Options for Domino Pro logo.

Spatial Bubbles

Next, we explored materiality and interaction fidelity with Spatial Bubbles, a playful experience that captures the joy of chasing and popping bubbles. By utilizing next-generation hand tracking and passthrough technology, Spatial Bubbles creates a seamless and immersive experience that delights users of all ages. This application showcases the potential of AVP to create familiar, lifelike simulations that evoke nostalgia and spark joy.

Check it out in the  App Store.

Concept art of a Bubbles AR / MR Experience.

Basketball XR

Lastly, we created Basketball XR, a game that brings the thrill of making the game-winning basket to your home or office. We developed a unique interaction system using a cross-platform wrapper to allow for game-play on both the AVP and Quest 3. This unlocked our potential to develop rich, immersive apps using next-level hand tracking in modern head-mounted display systems (HMDS). Basketball XR highlights the many opportunities to launch persistent, branded experiences beyond game-day advertising.

Concept art of a basketball AR experience.

Outcomes and Future Prospects

Our exploration of AVP provided valuable insights into the capabilities of spatial computing and its potential applications for brands. While we encountered some challenges working with a first-generation device, overall we’re impressed by the hardware and optimistic about the future of immersive technology and its impact on consumer engagement.

3 People working in an office, wearing different VR headsets (Oculus Quest, Apple Vision Pro)


Looking ahead, we see boundless possibilities for brands to leverage immersive technologies to create compelling experiences that drive customer loyalty and brand affinity. Whether it’s through interactive games, virtual simulations, or immersive storytelling, we’re excited to continue helping brands harness the power of spatial computing to create meaningful connections with their audience.

Close up of Apple Vision Pro headset
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