The Edge Effect for Portland State University

Sparking connection through interactive artwork at the Elevating Impact Conference.
Interactive Installations

Transitional space

The Edge Effect concept refers to the diversity of life that flourishes within the transitional space between two ecosystems. This was the main theme for Portland State University’s Elevating Impact Conference where Invisible Thread was invited to create an immersive installation as a centerpiece to the event. 

Natural Inspiration

With nature’s patterns as inspiration, our team designed an interactive Edge Effect projection-mapping exhibit consisting of three fabric panels, infrared depth cameras, and a projector displaying complex animated effects simulations. 

Connected Discovery

As visitors would explore and interpret the mechanics of the installation, they began to realize that two people – on either side of the panel – energized the art to evolve and develop into unique displays reminiscent of trees branching and blossoming, water swimming and shimmering, and celestial formations bursting into light. The imagery would gravitate the users towards each other and spark new connections across the divide.

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