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Peek at our job descriptions below and keep in mind that these are just references; it’s not about fitting in — we want to know how you stand out!


We know how to dream big and make magic happen. Bigfoot might not be real (or maybe they are? We are in Portland Oregon after all!) but if the job requires a bigfoot, our team will figure out how to create one. From creative directors and storytellers, to concept artists, and technologists we bring creativity and collaboration to every aspect of this work.


We are an organizing force, ensuring we run a tight ship by developing and maintaining accurate bids, schedules, and task tracking. Whether it’s strategic project planning, managing client relationships, or driving execution we always meet our deadlines and deliver above and beyond what’s expected. From Senior Producers and Project Managers to Coordinators and Production Assistants, we go the distance to support our team and our clients!

Production Artists

It might start with an idea, but it becomes a reality through your hands. If you dream in Pantone, fight over font choice, mull over motion blur, or only listen to lossless audio, yeah… same. We look for the very best digital designers, motion graphic gurus, audacious animators, audio aficionados, and monster modelers to build creative dream teams that make our work beautiful and worth experiencing.

Tech Wizards

Do you run headfirst into the unknown, pushing the edges, and miraculously building experiences that everyone else called impossible? Our tech teams are true wizards, conjuring up technological wonders with the latest and greatest innovations—we’re practically writing the spell book as we go! Working closely with the asset artists and creative director, our tech teams bring all the pieces together to create a truly magical experience. Technical Artists, Creative Technologists, Shader Writers, Game Engineers, and Creative Coders, step into a realm where your tech wizardry prowess meets an insanely enjoyable challenge. 

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