Breathe Peace World

Breathe Peace World is an interactive VR experience based on the book Aya by Hanna Ostroff, and features the lovable title character as the user’s companion in learning to take a conscious breath. 

Upon slipping on a headset, the user is gently immersed in a forest amidst a magical snowfall. To enhance the experience for all senses, we interwove a gradation of visual color shifts, the soft sound of wind through the trees, and friendly animation cues to bring the visitor in-sync with Aya’s breathing. 

Breathe Peace World debuted at the United Nations’ SDG Interactive Exhibition General Assembly and has had universal success in relaxing the viewer and reducing anxiety. It's currently undergoing pilot studies at children’s hospitals and medical centers nationwide and is actively in use at Stanford Children’s Hospital to help with pain and anxiety reduction.


GOH Studio

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