Marcel the Shell

In Summer of 2022, A24 Films debuted Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, a one-of-a-kind, witty, and endearing story about a little character created by director Dean Fleischer-Camp and actress/comedian Jenny Slate (who also lends Marcel's distinctly lovable voice). As long-time fans of the Marcel stop motion shorts (watched by over 50 million people on YouTube), we jumped at the opportunity to bring Marcel to you through an augmented reality group chat experience.

The Marcel shorts and feature film take the form of mockumentaries, and it's the dialogue between Fleischer-Camp and Marcel, along with his adventurous encounters in the human world, that make you laugh-out-loud and, at times, tear-up.





Marcel may be small but his wisdom and tenacity outsize his physique at every turn. Taking our clue from the memorable kitchen scene in the film, our team collaborated with A24 to recreate Marcel’s "Honey Walk" – a happenstance moment of opportunity that occurs when a jar of honey falls off a shelf and shatters on the ground, the sticky substance allowing Marcel to scale walls and reach new heights

Now you can experience Marcel honey-walking across your phone’s screen, available on both Messenger and Instagram. The little one-eyed Shell with a great big heart is sure to bring a sweet smile to your face!

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