Rise Up

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) built a Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) to calculate how rising sea levels, tides, waves, and storm conditions will impact our coastlines during the next century. To illustrate the effects of future sea level rise, the USGS engaged Invisible Thread to visualize the science. Our team wrote, directed, and produced a 360-video experience to  “immerse” viewers into the scenario and help them viscerally understand the repercussions of climate change and its impact on coastal communities. 

Actress Emily Swallow provided the audio narration and The Surfrider Foundation publicized the piece as part of their climate action campaign. The 360-video allows the viewer to pan (either on a mobile device or using a desktop mouse) in all directions to see the content. The video can also be viewed through a headset as a Virtual Reality experience.





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