what is immersive design?

Also referred to as extended reality, UX is not just bound within our screens, but can also be applied to any real or virtual surface in 3D space.

a range of experiences

Audiences can move through real space and engage with digital experiences along the way, or they can be fully immersed in a completely designed virtual, all-digital world. 

AR - Augmented Reality

The physical world has overlays of digital elements that can be seen and / or interacted with.

This typically requires a screen or VR headset to serve as a ‘looking glass’ to see the digital elements.

Audiences can feel like they’re seeing and interacting with sophisticated systems hidden in the real world.

VR - Virtual Reality

A fully immersive digital environment is seen and / or interacted with.

This requires a VR headset to present the user a 360º view of the digital environment.

Audiences can feel like they’re in a completely fantastical world that exists in 3D space.

Interactive Installations

The physical world is paired with interactive displays, projection mapping, LED screens or domes. 

User motions can be detected and responded to. 

Audiences can feel like they’re affecting the physicality of the world around them.

why immersive

Natural Learning

We live in a 3D world. As children, we learn by moving through and exploring our surrounding environment, and this process continues throughout life. 

Engages More Senses

Immersive design promotes spatial and multi-sensory forms of experience that spark curiosity, awe, and a better understanding of the world around us.

Interactive Installation | PSU The Edge Effect

Breaks Barriers

Normal expectations can now be defied with imaginative elements, compelling storytelling, and playful interactions that create unforgettable moments.

boundless potential

Everyone Can Play

About 85% of people in the US have a smartphone with a digital camera and internet access. Each and every one of those users has instant access to an immersive AR experience.

Captivating Content

Immersive experiences are more emotionally powerful and compelling. Studies reveal that AR drives high levels of visual attention (almost double that of non-AR) and a surprise response in the brain, resulting in a 70% higher rate of memory encoding than traditional media. 

The Sky’s the Limit

Expand audience engagement, increase revenues, and propel your business into a new era of innovation. With 10X growth projected (2) in accessibility and portability of these new technologies, opportunities can be opened up to a wider and more diversified audience. (1)

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