Content that connects

Carefully crafted experiences that resonate and illuminate.

A person wearing an Apple Vision Pro. They are smiling and gesturing as if playing with bubbles.

Spatial Computing Playground

Crafting Simple, Engaging Experiences with Apple Vision Pro
A phone being held up to a large banner. The phone's screen shows an augmented reality experience.

Augmented Reality for Events

Maximizing Impact with Immersive Experiences

Nike’s Joyride

Dive into an interactive ball pit.

Common Grounds with Microsoft

Walk through a digital reconstruction of ancient Olympia.

Chip Fab Explorer

Demystifying the complex process of chip fabrication.

Emerging Radiance with Meta

Honoring the Nikkei farmers of Bellevue, Washington.
Doctors wearing Hololens headsets and interacting with digital skeleton.

Microsoft at Mobile World Conference

Showcasing a mixed reality future on the Microsoft HoloLens 2.
Freedom Constellations XR Experiences

No Kids In Prison Youth Justice Campaign

Ending youth incarceration with the power of AR, VR, and Interactive Experiences.

The Edge Effect for Portland State University

Sparking connection through interactive artwork at the Elevating Impact Conference.
An illuminated art sculpture with a digital glove above it.

Migrations at the Winter Light Festival

Interactive sculpture that shines a light on shared experiences.

Netflix, Marvel, Paramount, A24, Nickelodeon, & BTS ARMY

Interactive experiences with popular entertainment partners.

Rise Up with USGS & Surfrider

Visualizing the real effects of sea level rise.
Breathe Peace VR Meditation Experience

Breathe Peace at Stanford Children’s Hospital

A VR app for guided conscious breathing to reduce pain and anxiety.

Meta's Messenger Group Chat Effects

Augmented Reality that brings friends and family closer together.

Beyond the Book

Bringing stories to life with augmented reality.
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